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As a young boy, I always had an interest in hunting. I enjoy the added challenge of training the dog to hunt with me. I love to hunt. I hunt small game, wild hogs, deer, squirrel, and on accident even caught a few skunks. There is nothing like the sound of a hound on a trail or the yip of a feist treeing a squirrel. I breed to the parents that have proven to have a strong hunting ability. My goal is to maintain the natural ablility of the hunt in the dog. 

 Danny and Joyce Westbrook
18224 CR 4235
Frankston, Texas 75763
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Remi: Feature story below
      We wanted to give yal an update on how Remi is progressing. She is 10 months old now outta Amos and Redgirl litter in her first squirrel season. We are very happy with her, she is doing great! Naturally picking up on finding squirrels and barking on tree has not been one of the hurdles for her, if she sees a squirrel she gets very vocal and is keeping her eyes up to see where they will timber, also as promised she is definitely on the gritty side but well balanced in the way of handling. We have been taking her alot since our season here in Alabama opened Oct. 1st and we see her make progress every trip into the woods, theres been learning curves and hurdles for her of course so far and there will be plenty more before she will be a finished dog but the speed at which she learns and progresses is amazing to us. We consider Remi a good started puppy now already puttin us meat on the breakfast table! The picture is from a trip into the river swamp of the Tensaw Delta WMA. We've been hunting her in lots of different areas and terrains to help her learn the differences and be accustomed to and comfortable with being in new and different places.  Based on what we have seen so far from Remi we are very excited about the month of Feb., expecting to see her just explode with confidence and gaining knowledge of squirrels "ellusive lil tricks". Hunting squirrels with Remi has given my son Ethan something he absolutely loves and no doubt creating what will be some great memories and stories for him and I. Thank yal very much and God bless yal and your family.
                     Sincerely. R.J., Ethan and Kasie                                              
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