Westbrook's Southern Blue Slate
NKC# 10-900360***
Southern Blue's
Southern Blue's are our line of feist created through years of selective breeding. By Only breeding those that have the proven hunting drive and personality traits that we desired in a dog. Southern Blue's are not only a great hunting partner but make a wonderful family companion.  
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The Original Mountain Feist was a mongrel bred from several different breed of dogs. Bred to hunt and as a family companion. They date back as far as George Washington. Today there are several great lines of feist. Our dogs bloodline include Barger Stock Feist, Mullins Feist, Champ bred Feist, Offspring from Oxford's Padro and Oxford's Princess. Also included is the Atomic Feist.

We have been selectively breeding for years to create what we pride ourselves to be the perfect dog.

Just Ask Danny. He will be happy to talk dog/hunting with you. Prepare yourself for an earful. For those that know him, You know what I'm talking about. :)

Old Time Mountain Feist
Sire - Latch On Dirt
    NKC# 09-900356***
Sire - Mud Creek Scooter
    NKC# 10-900375***
Sire - SQ CH WH SQ Oxford's Padro
    NKC# 03-900078***
Dam - Mud Creek Blue Bell
    NKC# 09-900332***
Dam - SQ CH Oxford's Princess
    NKC# 02-900042***
Dam - Mud Creek Misty
    NKC# 09-900332***